Claim an inch. Do some good!

In today's digital world, it's easier than ever to spread positivity and inspire others. We all have our own experiences to share, and by sharing those experiences, we all have the ability to influence real change in the world. That's where My Inch Of The Earth® comes in. By giving you a platform to claim an inch, then connect it to a place and a worthy cause, you’re turning the simple act of sharing into a revolutionary agent of change.

The Earth might seem like a big place, but some things are universal. Like the beauty of a sunset, the joy over the birth of a child, the pride of finishing a marathon, or the sadness over loss or misfortune.

When you choose a place and claim an inch, you're already enacting change with a small donation to your chosen cause. When you share your story and invite others to join you in the My Inch Of The Earth® experience, the power of your inch is exponential. You're spreading awareness and aiding fundraising efforts for your favorite causes and, yes—creating real change in the world.


It really is that easy.

Share a video of your stellar skiing skills… and a child won't go hungry for a month.

Claim a piece of grandpa's fishing hole… and help to preserve a place for generations to come.

Share a picture from your child's first piano recital… and aid the global effort to end blindness.

Claim a piece of your favorite trail… and create real progress for medical cures around the world.

We believe that small actions can make a big difference.

My Inch Of The Earth® makes it fun, easy and effective to give back. So claim your inch, share it and invite others to join you. There's over 300 ways to share! Here's how it works:


Claim your inch.

Choose a memorable place and Claim An Inch before anyone else does. That unique location is yours and yours alone. So go ahead, tell a story with your inch by personalizing it with words, photos or even video. Then keep it, give it as a gift, or dedicate it to someone special.

The latitude and longitude coordinates of your virtual inch are exclusive to you and will be printed on your GoodDEED™ certificate.


Support a cause.

Select a worthy cause to support through your inch. You’ll be rewarded with an official GoodDEED™ certificate denoting your unique coordinates and celebrating your contribution. Minimum $12 donation can be renewed annually (that’s only $1 a month).

Your GoodDEED™ certificate is personalized with the unique latitude and longitude of your inch, and commemorates your support of the cause. Your certificate can be customized to give as a gift, or to dedicate to someone special. Check out some examples:


Example Personal GoodDEED™


Example Memorial GoodDEED™


Example Gift GoodDEED™


Change the world.

Just by sharing your story and making a small donation, you're already making a huge difference for your cause. But when you share your inch and invite others to join the experience, you're raising awareness for all of our partner causes and helping to empower, protect and inspire people and places around the world. The power of your inch is limitless.

Together we're changing the world, one inch at a time.