Claim your inch.

Choose a memorable place and claim it before anyone else does. That unique location is yours and yours alone. So go ahead, tell a story with your inch by personalizing it with words, photos or even video. Then keep it, give it as a gift, or dedicate it to someone special.


Support a cause.

Select a worthy cause to support through your inch. You’ll be rewarded with an official GoodDEED™ certificate denoting your unique coordinates and celebrating your contribution. Minimum $12 donation (that’s only $1 a month).


Change the world.

Just by sharing your story and making a small donation, you are already making a huge difference for your cause. Then by sharing your inch with others and inviting them to join the experience, you're raising even more awareness for your cause. See? Your inch really can change the world. Learn how it works.

Together we can make a big difference.

It's simple and fun to share your experiences online—in fact, you're probably already doing so. Now, through the power of an inch, those memories, stories and photos can enact real change in the world for people and places that need it. It's amazing how each little inch can add up to a whole lotta good. Learn how it works